NoXi is a corpus of screen-mediated face-to-face multimodal, multisensor recordings of Novice-eXpert Interaction.

The idea behind NoXi was to obtain a dataset of natural interactions between human dyads in an expert-novice knowledge sharing context, with a number of controlled and induced interruptions of the interaction as experimental condition. The database is recorded in 3 main languages: English, French, and German, and has some recordings of 4 other languages. The expert participant was presumed to be knowledgeable about one or more topics that were of interest for both participants, whereas the novice was known to be willing to discuss and retrieve more information about that specific topic.

In total, 89 people were recorded during 83 interactions. 32 recordings are in English, 21 in French, 19 in German, 4 in Spanish, 4 in Indonesian, 2 in Italian, and 2 in Arabic. A large diversity of topics was covered by our experts, including such diverse topics as expert computer science fields, various sports, history, magic tricks, tax systems, politics, and other trivia. In total 58 topics were discussed.

The dataset includes sensor data from 2 Kinect 2.0s - RGB, depth data, and skeleton data, and audio. In addition audio was recorded from 2 close-talk microphones.

The total duration of recordings is 22 hours and 25 minutes, and the total size of the database is approximately 4 TB.

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